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Did you know Wonder Woman worked at Taco Whiz?  Well, not actually Wonder Woman, but her Americanized self, Diana Prince.  In 1993, William Messner-Loebs created a storyline to assimilate Wonder Woman into American culture.  Matt Smith, in his essay “The Tyranny of the Melting Pot Metaphor:  Wonder Woman as the Americanized Immigrant,” writes that Princess Diana/Wonder Woman “like other immigrants [is] cut off from [her] homeland [and] is forced to adapt to the society around her.”

Princess Diana/Wonder Woman adapts by getting a job at Taco Whiz and begins to work her way up in American society. In doing so, argues Smith, Diana is “moved from accommodation to assimilation [and] respect is associated with accommodation, and humility with assimilation.”  To assimilate, to be one of the group [the United States], “she must humbly deny her past” and “undergo an American quest for identity and prove that she has the Protestant work ethic.”

Her storyline echoes that of Amir’s father, Baba, in The Kite Runner, in which Baba, who lived a life of luxury in Afghanistan, now works at a gas station in the United States.  And, Baba and Princess Diana/Wonder Woman are not alone, check out this infographic on how immigrants to the United States take jobs below their education credentials:  http://www.good.is/post/infographic-wasted-talent/

So, does assimilation equal humility?